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Forecast ocean freight rates with unprecedented speed & accuracy.

Get advanced insights and predictions on the maritime market with Soshianest’s AI-driven supply chain analysis solutions.

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Our market intelligence web app is a vehicle for communicating complex shipping market forecasts by utilising Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and cutting-edge Data-Mining techniques.


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Analyze Marine Predictions

Get your exclusive AI deep data-model driven insights for wet and dry bulk Carriers, Liners.

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Quick + Easy Complete Predictions

  • A quick and easy way to generate accurate predictive models
  • A complete story of the data being presented, without the need of interpretation of different factors

Relationship Based Model

  • Analyzing the numerous factors and relationships and how they affect the market so you don’t have to


  • Easy to use interface
  • Our easy to understand data can be utilized for custom reports
  • One-click prediction comparison analysis
Analyze Marine Predictions


How Vancouver ShipInvest and Management company made a successful case for investment strategy with Soshianest.

Haijun Yu
Haijun Yu
Managing Director, Vancouver Shipinvest and Management Ltd
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We collaborated with Soshianest for forecasts related to Bulk Carriers. Our feedback was well incorporated into several excellent reports and presentations. We look forward to working with Soshianest in the future as well